Monday, April 18, 2011

Depression Self help: Getting Help

Through these last couple of years that i've been diagnosed with mental illness and i've been going to group therapy, support groups, and talking to people through the website i've consistently encountered the same kind of person over and over. This is the person that claims to want help, but actually doesn't want it. They don't want to take medication. They don't want to listen to advice from people who have more experience than them. They somehow know that therapy won't work for them even though they've never tried it. They are completely hopeless. Are you this person?

Depression is a very tough demon to face on your own. It won't go away by itself one day. An angel won't just knock on your door one day and make you better. If you want to get better you need to ask for and accept help, whether its from a therapist, medication, or someone you met at a support group that has suffered like you have. Your attitude is so important. If you have the attitude that you're not willing to try anything and that nothing will help you anyway then you have no chance to get better. There are a lot of people and lot of cures out there that can help you, but its up to you to ask for and accept that help.

Personally, I only began to recover when I found a psychiatrist and a medication that works for me. It wasn't the first doctor i went to or the first medication I tried. I (and my family) didn't give up until we found a solution. There is a solution out there for all of us.

Don't be foolish. Get help.

Hope you're feeling well

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