Saturday, February 5, 2011

Depression Self Help: The Importance of Goals

Its important to have goals that you're working towards. When we feel like we are making progress on goals we feel better about ouselves.

For example: I feel like whenever I play my guitar or I sing that i'm getting better at it so I always feel good after I sing or play. I feel like i'm moving closer to my goal of starting a band, recording, etc.

So set a goal for yourself if you haven't already and do things that will move you closer to achieving it every day. If you do things to move closer to your goal you will always feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. You will also feel empowered when you actually achieve that goal, which will make you more confident in pursuing other goals. Start with goals that aren't too difficult because if the goal is too difficult you'll get discouraged and give up too soon. Start easy and challenge yourself as you go along.

Hope you're doing well and pursuing your goals.

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  1. Hi Aleksandr
    Glad I found your blog,:) I’ve just had to stop seeing my councillor of five years because of money worries. I was looking for somewhere to keep going with dealing with depression and I find reading your blog helps
    thanks x