Friday, February 18, 2011

Depression Cures: Escaping the Daily Routine

I just got back from a clinical study I did and i was away from home for 24 days. I can't even describe how good it is to be home. I'm so happy to be back, i'm so much more thoughtful towards my family, i'm so much more appreciative of what I have. This has led me to a light bulb type insight: that it is good to get away from your daily routine and your daily relationships every so often. Who can see the same people every single day and not get sick of them? If you leave for a little while and then come back, then likely they'll be more fond of you and you more fond of them. We save money for cars and houses and big screeen TVs, but we should be saving it for vacations and trips. When you're stuck in the daily routine for too long you stop even being aware of how miserable you are. So if you can get away, do it. And if you can't yet, start saving today.

Hope you're doing well:)

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