Saturday, January 8, 2011

Depression Self Help: Helping Others

Hey, hope you're feeling good.
I've been posting answers on Yahoo Answers to questions about depression and bipolar disorder. It feels good to people help who need it and i've also realized that there are people out there that have it way worse than I do. Maybe you have expertise in a certain area that you can help people with. Maybe you've learned a lot through your struggles with depression and can help people deal with theirs. Its so nice to stop thinking about yourself and think about other people and how to help them with their problems because depression often causes us to isolate and just feel sorry for ourselves. You're not alone and you're not worthless.

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  1. Nicely said. I struggle with the same thoughts, of worthlessness and it is so hard to move forward. I am trying the same path, of blogging my experience, to see where I get.