Monday, November 15, 2010

Diet and Depression

Eating better will give you more energy. It will also help you lose weight and looking better is feeling better. Nutrition isn't a race it is a marathon. Changing little things about your diet will make a huge difference in the long run. Crash diets rarely work because they are too extreme to stay on them. To me, a diet isn't only eating super healthy food while abstaining from everything else. An effective diet involves gradual changes over time and this allows you to ease into a new diet instead of being thrown into the fire with a crash diet.
Sugar has been linked to depression and anxiety. This doesn't mean you can't sugar (I eat sugar every day), but you sould try to eat less. Instead of cola or juice or liquor, drink water. Doing this one little thing in your diet will make a huge difference in a couple of months and it isn't as difficult as you think.

Coffee is linked to depression, anxiey and insomnia. I'm not going to tell you to not drink coffee because i love coffee and drink 2 cups a day. However, I think that if you're drinking more than that you might want to cut down. A lot of the time I only drink half my cup to cut down.

Is drinking worth it? That's a question you need to answer for yourself. I go out and get drunk sometimes and I usually regret it after. Alcohol often leaves you more depressed than it found you. It also causes you to gain weight. Personally i think that abstaining from alcohol is unrealistic, but you can definately cut down. You can cut down gradually.

Check out this article on depression and alcohol abuse if you like:

There are certain foods that can help with depression and you should try to incorporate them into your diet where possible:

1. Fish have omega-3 fatty acids that can help with depression and anxiety.

2. Chicken, beans, nuts, eggs, and seeds have protein that will give you more energy and help you concentrate better.

Here are some very doable tips if you want to lose weight and feel better:

1. Eat stir fry for your last meal of the day with no starches (like rice or pasta). Just take all the vegetables you like, chicken or beef or fish, fry them up and add a sauce you like (like sweet chilli tai or black bean sauce). You'll be getting all of your carbs from the veggies and the sauce. The sauce will make it taste good. You will not get hungry after. This will also help you poo better:) If you want to do this you should buy a wok.

2. Drink water instead of sugary drinks. Nothing is a better thirst quencher. It will also help you feel more full so you won't get hungry so often.

If you change your diet for the better only good things can happen.

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