Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Commitment and Results

George is the champ becauase he trains every day.

If you want your condition or your life to improve you need to make a commitment. For example, if you decide to do exercise, or eat healthier, or yoga, or meditation, etc, to make you feel better you need to do it almost every day for it to be effective.

If you do it almost every day for a couple months you'll begin to see results.
If you do it once or twice a week you'll get nowhere.

If you do it almost every day for a couple of years you'll get the full effect.
If you do it for a couple of months, then stop for a couple of months, then keep cycling like this you'll get nowhere.

The same rules apply to being successful at school, work, business, etc.

Personally, I have wasted so much energy by giving up too soon and starting all over with something else. I've wanted to do everything and the result is that i've done nothing. You're better off choosing 1 or 2 things that are most important to you and focusing your energy on those every day than trying to do everything. Right now i'm focusing on exercise and music to help me feel better. I know that I am a long way away from where I want to be with these, but i know that if i keep working on them every day i'll get results.

I know its tough to stay focused when you're depressed, but next time you feel like giving up think of how much energy you've invested already and how long it takes to actually get results.

Don't destroy what you've built, keep building.

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  1. i really like this post especially the last line about not destroying progress. this is so hard for me, being consistent. it seems easier in the short term to fall back into familiar pain rather than push through the uncomfortable change. i am starting over doing this (again)