Monday, October 4, 2010

Spit or Swallow?

Should i take medication or not? You should decide for yourself.

Are you on medication? Do you like it? If it doesn't make you feel good it isn't working! You can try a different medication or try changing your life instead.

Are you not on meds? Does it really suck? Do you want to die? Then there is no harm in trying medication. It helps a lot of people and some people it doesn't help at all. You can take medication to get you out of a suicidal state long enough to fix your life (go back to work, go back to school, bandage your relationships). Medication is not a long-term solution, but could save your life.

"My doctor says i have to." Doctors are wrong all the time. Doctors don't have to live in your shoes. You're smart. Listen to what your doctor says, decide for yourself.

"But if not medication, then what else?"

Socialize. Go places and meet people (have sex with them if possible). Meet people with similar interests on the internet (have any hobbies?). Go volunteer somewhere. Get a job. Everyone needs people in their lives who treat them with respect. Go find them, because they won't find you. And if you don't look hard enough, the only person you can blame is yourself. It is impossible that there is nobody on this planet like you.

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