Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Armor Against Depression

When I get depressed me and Friendo rock out.

Some people are more prone to depression than others. However, many people who are prone to depression manage it well because they have certain barriers against it in place in their lives. These depression blocking things (for lack of a better word) include relationships (non-toxic), jobs (not ones you really hate), hobbies (not drinking Jack Daniels)...Its so good once it hits your lips I know. Having these things in place in your life is often as effective or more effective than medication or psychotherapy. They provide feelings of self-worth, means to support yourself financially and emotionally, and distraction. These things fill up your day so that you don't sit around ruminating (thinking obsessively) about problems (which just makes them worse).

I'm sorry if what I said is obvious, but we often miss the obvious when we're in a deep depression. I know that getting these things in life is easier said then done, but the effort will be worth it. Medication often gives you a boost of strength and mood that will allow to pursue these things in life. Keep trying to meet someone or maintain the relationships you already have. Train for a new job instead of complaining about how much you hate your current one. Find time in the day to do something you really like.
Take care

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