Friday, April 2, 2010

Coping with Depression: Every Adversity is an Opportunity to be Great

I have had a rough couple of days coping with depression and anger, but I had a eureka moment as I was watching some show on National Geographic Channel. A plane crashed in the Andes mountains and not only did 16 people survive the crash, they survived in the freezing mountains for over 70 days! They had no winter clothing and they had almost no food (they had to eat dead bodies to survive). Search teams gave up on them but they didn’t give up on themselves. This got me thinking about adversity…

When we’re coping with depression or bipolar disorder we are faced with adversity daily, because even the simple things in life seem difficult. It is harder to get along with people, to enjoy things we used to enjoy, to get work done, etc.

When we’re depressed we dread adversity and see it as just another way that life is fucking us over. We need to realize and stay aware of the fact that adversity is not a curse. Every adversity is an opportunity to be great. Adversity isn’t around to make life hell, it is around so we can become better, stronger people. Your depression or bipolar disorder is just another adversity.

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