Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Challenging Yourself Is A Great Antidepressant

I recently decided that i'm going to focus all of my energy only on things that are important to me and let go of everything else. This means that i'll be trying to spend as much time working on my website and playing music as possible, while letting go of going to the gym, playing poker, and watching television (things that I really don't care about).

So a couple of days ago i decided to challenge myself with a game. The game is called "How much time can you put in?" The point is to challenge myself to put in as many hours a day as possible playing music or working on my website without getting distracted or lazy. This is especially challenging for me because I have problems concentrating and am mood dependant.

So far I feel giddy and energetic. In the last couple days i've spent almost all of my waking hours working on the website and playing music. You'd think i'd be tired, but i'm the opposite. Nothing feels better than the feeling of accomplishent. I'm also getting more confident every day in my ability to avoid distractions and control my mood.

When we're depressed we want to do nothing, but doing nothing just keeps us in that depressed state. Instead, try challenging yourself with a game. Like:

How much time can I put in?
- How many hours of your day can you spend doing something productive while sacrifing the things that don't matter? Remember, you get what you give. It helps to write down how much time you put in so that at the end of your day you look at it and feel good about yourself.

Or set daily goals for yourself. Daily goals are better than long-term goals, because you get to feel the satisfaction of accomplishment every day. Remember, don't make your goals so hard that they're impossibloe to reach. Start easy and work your way up.

1. Try to go a whole day without watching TV.

2. Get out of the house and do soemthing fun to cure your depressed mood.

3. Spend 2 hours doing something you enjoy, like a hobby.

4. Finish something you've been putting off.

Or make up your own goals.

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