Monday, August 23, 2010

Music Therapy

Hey, its been a while.

I'm finished with the website and i've moved on to something else. I'm really glad I built it and I hope its helpful.

I've been playing music obsessively for the past 2 months and I haven't been taking my medication since I started. I've been happier than i've ever been in my life. Nothing makes me feel better then writing a song. I can't say that I never feel down or angry anymore, but I feel confident that those feelings won't last long if i'm playing music. Also, for once in my life I have found an avenue where feeling fucked up sometimes is actually an asset.

The point: I think the best medicine is finding something you love in life and doing that as much as possible (easier said than done I know). Keep looking. Its your life and you only get one so don't give up on yourself and settle for a shitty life of hell.

Hopefully i'll be a huge rockstar and write songs that will empower you

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