Friday, June 18, 2010

My Shit "Vacation" to Ukraine

It took forever to get there. 9 hours flight, 9 hours bus, and hours of waiting inbetween.
My bag goes missing at the airport. My medication is in it. Panicking....Also, my camera was in it so i have no pictures.

After day 1 reality sets in...OMG I am in fucking Bratislava (Eurotrip) for 3 weeks without my meds. I was in a small town called Chernovtisi, which is basically a carbon copy of Bratislava.

It rained every day for the first 2 weeks. All my relativers were busy so I was sitting at home a lot lonely and depressed. Music videos on Youtube and the ocassional outing with my cousin were the only things keeping me sane.

Finally, after 2 weeks the weather drastically changed to very hot and sunny. My cousin had the week off work and spent a lot of time with me. I got used to sleeping and controlling my mood without my medication.

A couple days before i left i got some sickness. I woke up in the middle of the night with a brutal pain in my side arounbd my ribs. I was thought i was dying. My aunt had this little machine that sends an electric current through the affected area and that helped the pain subside so i could go back to sleep. I wake up in the same brutal pain a couple of hours later. It feels like someone is stabbing me in my ribs every time I inhale. "I have to go to the hospital!". Apparently that isn't that easy in a small Ukrainian town at 7 in the morning. They call a doctor to come to the house. She says i'm hurting because I caught a cold breeze somewhere. She gives me some needle in the ass, tells me its going to hurt bad and for a long time, and that all I can do is lay down and wait for it to go away. Gee thanks.

The pain went away and came back several times as my grandmother rubbed me with all kinds of shit, like honey, menthal, alcohol, to get me buy. I didn't sleep the night before we were suppossed to leave because I couldn't find a position to lie down in that wasn't excruciating. We get into a cab and go to the airpaort, which is about an hour away. About halfway in my side begins to hurt really bad. I make it to the airport and can barely breath. I'm walking around holding my ribs like somebody shot me. Luckily some people help me by taking me to the doctor there. She gave me a needle in the ass and some medication. She was shocked that the doctor i saw a couple days ago didn't giveme any medication. They didn't want to let me on the plane because it looked like i was dying, but the pain subsided after about 20 minutes and we got on the plane.

I went to the emergency room in Toronto as soon as we got back...Pneumonia. Thank you Jesus for not letting me die in that shit town.

There were some positives from the vacation. I stopped taking my medication and I feel good without it. It made me so antisocial and i don't want to just sit at home all the time. I appreciate Canada so much more now. This is such a good place to live. I got to spend a lot of time with my cousin who i get along with better than anyone. Oh, and they have 24-hour liquor stores.

Its so good to be home

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